Hello!  … and thank you so much for stopping by.


Who I am ….

I’m Donna Deneé (that sounds like “Reneé” but with a “D”).  I’m a photographer in the north Alabama area and I focus on pets and fine art.   All winter I live for summer but my hands-down-favorite season is fall. (Y’all, it’s really hot here in the summer!) I love the weather, the colors, the leaves, the excitement of football and the return of pumpkin spice!  My favorite flowers are sunflowers and mums; my favorite color is green; I love coffee and campfires and dark chocolate and music – nearly all kinds of music!

Why I do what I do …

I have dearly loved animals my entire life.  I was that little girl who always had a stuffed animal with her.  I would have loved to have become a veterinarian but I ended up an engineer instead.  I believe that animals add so much richness to our lives.  They teach us unconditional love and they become a very important part of our families.  Capturing images that let their personalities shine through provides a family with life-long, tangible treasures of their cherished memories.  It truly brings me joy to photograph them in their natural environment – whether that be outside playing, sprawled out napping in their favorite chair, or chewing on their favorite toy.  Their unbridled enthusiasm and love for their family makes my heart sing.


Donna Deneé is a North Alabama photographer specializing in Pet Lifestyle and Fine Art photography.